Why you should choose Only Weekend Padua

Padua, which has always been rich in stimuli and charm, is the ideal place to experience a magical and special weekend amid art and culture, nature and relaxation.

A city with a natural inclination towards excellence, Padua conceals precious gems and treasures in every corner, sign of an illustrious past involving celebrated figures from Giotto to Galileo, from Petrarch to Goethe, just to name a few!

From the luxuriant nature of the Euganean Hills to an extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage, from the wellness of the Spas to genuine Paduan cooking, from the sumptuous Venetian villas to the ancient walled cities, in Padua there are a thousand occasions for discovering and experiencing a unique city.

An ongoing and ever new discovery for those who want to give themselves a moment of authentic leisure, where quality and beauty are the rule.